Wow! Where to begin? I started this adventure or journey called Girlfriends2Girlfriends because I believe in the power of networking and sisterhood. During a period in which I was searching for something to express the authentic me that did not break the bank, guess where God lead me to…

You got it. Paparazzi Accessories! 

Paparazzi has sophisticated and uniquely designed products that has the capacity to speak to everyone. Since being introduced to Paparazzi, I have found my voice, formed a small business, and learned to lean on God for guidance and support.

Think about it… the majority of the items are just $5 in price (not including tax and shipping). I cannot beat that price. Can you? It is amazing what a little bling or sparkle can do to your mood and ego. Nowadays, I seldom leave the house without accessorizing or checking what others are accessorizing with. I do it in small ways through a ring here or delicate necklace there. Occasionally, I will breakout with a funky unique pair of earrings. Those small touches or enhancements can make a difference in a look, an ego, or a connection.

Well, that is my story. Hopefully it was short and sweet. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I do. Make a connection…Bling makes a friend’s day better. Thank-you for the visit and the support!

Peace and Blessings
D.D. Williams